Immobilization of Nuclear grade Ion  Resins in Alkali-activated Materials


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The project “Immobilization of nuclear grade ionic resins in alkali-activated materials” (2019-T1 / AMB-13672) is an aid to attract research talent for incorporation into research groups in the Community of Madrid, funded by the Community of Madrid and which takes place at the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences – CSIC.

Nuclear Waste management

Ion exchange resins are routinely used in nuclear power plants in water purification systems used as coolant, as well as in irradiated fuel storage pools. These wastes are conditioned and immobilized in cement-based mortars in metal containers

Alkaline Activation

Alkali activated cements can represent a viable and more environmentally friendly alternative to Portland cement for stabilization / solidification of a series of residues containing heavy metals or radioactive residues.