Within the framework of the IRINEMA project, the following publications have been published in specialized scientific journals:

María Criado, PI of IRINEMA, in the Ranking of the 5000 most outstanding Spanish and foreign female scientists in Spain

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has published its first ranking with the 5,609 Spanish and foreign female scientists who carry out research in Spanish organizations, classified according to the indicators of their public personal profiles in the Google Scholar database. In the first quartile of the ranking, specifically in position 1394, is Dr. María Criado, principal investigator of the IRINEMA project. The objective of creating this ranking is to increase the visibility of our female researchers and their work using a public access tool that is easy to create and consult.



IRINEMA at the National Materials Congress, 2022

From June 28 to July 1, the XVI edition of the National Congress of Materials organized by the University of Castilla la Mancha was held in Ciudad Real, Spain. In this edition, IRINEMA has participated in the congress thanks to the presentation by Dr. María Criado Immobilization of nuclear waste in cementitious matrices: effect on the reaction kinetics and mechanical development. The program has included high-level scientific work on the latest advances in processing, properties, characterization, and behaviour of materials with applications in multiple technological fields.

Participation in the Euratom Conferences FISA 2022 – EURADWASTE ’22 and poster competition award

From May 30 to June 3, 2022, IRINEMA has participated in the Euratom Conferences FISA 2022 – EURADWASTE ’22  organised by the European Commission and the CEA with the poster Immobilization of spent nuclear grade resins in low carbon cement: study of the reaction kinetics presented by PhD student Jimena de Hita. This event brings together different professionals from the nuclear sector, both researchers and representatives of regulatory bodies and the nuclear industry to discuss the state of the art of nuclear safety and waste management research, the main challenges and opportunities and the future perspectives. IRINEMA has had the honour of receiving an award for its participation in the poster competition for its high scientific level and originality. 



Networking with Life Hypobrick Project

Collaboration between scientific projects contributes beneficially to the development of knowledge. For this reason, IRINEMA and Life Hypobrick projects have held networking sessions to promote collaboration between the researchers of both projects. The main objective of Life Hypobrick project is to demonstrate the reliability of the manufacture of waste-based building products (bricks and blocks) using an extremely low CO2 emissions process.

The minutes of the meetings can be consulted here:

Meetings from 10 to 15 February 2021

IRINEMA – Hypobrick meeting 10-15 February

Meeting 14 September 2021

IRINEMA – Hypobrick meeting 14 September

From April 26 to 28, 2021 Participation in the EM4SS’21 Congress

IRINEMA has had the pleasure of participating in the Engineered Materials for Sustainable Structures Congress, organized by the University of Modena within the framework of the IMPReSA project.

Dr. María Criado has presented the talk Alkali-activated materials: Corrosion of steel reinforcement and the PhD student Jimena de Hita has presented the talk Cementitious matrixes for nuclear waste management: effect of admixtures on fresh state properties.

From May 24 to 26, 2021 Participation in the 2nd VitroGeoWastes Congress

IRINEMA has had the pleasure of participating in the 2nd VitroGeowastes Congress, organized by the University of Andalucía and which took place in Baeza, Jaén, Spain. The topics of the conference were Vitrification, Geopolymerization, Wastes Management, Green Cements and Circular Economy.

Dr. María Criado has presented the talk Design the alkali-reactivated fly ash matrixes to encapsulate ion exchange resin radioactive wastes  and PhD student María Jimena de Hita has presented the talk Effect of admixtures on the fresh state properties of sodium carbonate-activated slag/fly ash cements..

75th RILEM Annual Week and Ph.D. courses

From August 29 to September 3, 2021, the 75th week of RILEM was held in Mérida, Mexico, during which meetings of RILEM’s permanent committees and several meetings of the technical committees were held. The International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Building Materials and Structures also took place during this event, intending to bring together the latest developments to improve quality assurance in construction materials and tests and in which IRINEMA has participated through the poster presentation Admixtures influence in sodium silicate-activated slag and fly ash blends.
Within the framework of the RILEM week, different Ph.D. courses were also held, which we have attended: Alkali Activated Materials and Hydration and microstructural characterization of cementitious systems.

IV Conference of Young Scientists in Construction Materials

For the fourth consecutive year, the Carlos III University of Madrid, the ETS of Building of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc-CSIC) have carried out the Conference of Young Scientists in Construction Materials, which this year took place at UC3M on September 20, 2021. IRINEMA has had the pleasure of participating in this fourth edition through the presentation Diseño de matrices cementantes con menor huella de carbono para la inmovilización de residuos sólidos orgánicos de grado nuclear.