The first newsletter of the Project!

In these newsletters, we want to share relevant information about the project, its motivation, partners, and its relevant events, to bring the core of IRINEMA closer to the interested audience.

We hope you enjoy it.

First IRINEMA newsletter


The second newsletter of the Project!

We are pleased to announce that the second newsletter of the IRINEMA project, “Immobilization of nuclear-grade ionic resins in alkali-activated materials” (2019-Q1/AMB-13672), has been published. Throughout this newsletter, we want to share the progress and main news that the project addresses. 

In this second IRINEMA newsletter, the results obtained in the last year within the framework of the project are presented. The reader can also find information about the companies, universities, and research centers that collaborate with the project. This second edition of the bulletin has been dedicated to two active project collaborators of the last year: CIEMAT and ICMM-CSIC. Besides, there is also a section dedicated to sharing the latest congress and conferences in which IRINEMA has participated, disseminating the scientific knowledge generated through the project. Finally, there is a list of the upcoming events of interest in the development of construction materials science.

Second IRINEMA newsletter